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Cobb teen charged with raping fellow McEachern High student


A Cobb County student was arrested after police accused him of forcing himself on a fellow McEachern High School student twice while on school property.  According to the arrest warrant, Malachi Mpata of Powder Springs was arrested Dec. 7 and charged with rape and sodomy. The sexual assualt allegedly occured at McEachern on Nov. 17 after school hours.

An arrest warrant accuses Cobb County 16-year-old Malachi Mpata of raping a fellow McEachern High student after school hours Nov. 17.

In the police report, 16-year-old Mpata is accused of pushing the 15-year-old victim against a wall and grabbing her throat, as well as calling her a misogynistic name. He then took her to a location with no cameras and slapped her, then forced her to perform sex acts, the warrant said. After that, the warrant said Mpata told the victim to go into a boys’ restroom, where he raped her.

A district spokesperson confirmed that Mpata is no longer a student at the school saying, “As soon as school administration was alerted, the school immediately reported the incident to crimes against children and local authorities to continue the investigation. Due to federal privacy laws, including FERPA, we are unable to provide more details except the student is no longer enrolled at the school.”

Court records show that Mpata remains in custody without bond. He is scheduled for a bond hearing on Dec. 28.


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