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Cobb sheriff’s office distributes new high-tech mobile rescue kits


In an effort to better serve the public, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office unveiled its new high-tech mobile rescue kits last week, which will allow them to better serve the public. 

The kits feature an advanced digital tablet that can guide deputies step-by-step through approximately 70 different scenarios and includes trauma kit supplies including gauze, scissors, and other first aid items. 

During a recent press conference, Cobb County’s, Sheriff Craig Owens and Fulton County’s, Sheriff Patrick Labat, outline the importance of the new kits and how the technology will be helpful during shootings, stabbings, drug overdoses, and other critical situations. The technology will include tablets requiring only a small amount of teaching for deputies to learn. According to Sheriff Owens, “It is very simplistic; you pretty much push a button, and it will tell you what to do next,”  These new kits have been rolled out to other sheriff’s departments in more rural parts of Georgia.

Sheriff Owens also stated, “With so many varied scenarios deputies encounter, the tablet provides a refresher on how to handle certain scenarios and saves time when decisions must be made and action taken quickly.”


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