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Cobb police arrest man accused of strangling officer in NW Atlanta


An Atlanta man was arrested and charged with the alleged strangling of a police officer using a chokehold while resisting arrest. 

Sealy Dale Haggard, 35, faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault of a public safety officer, felony obstruction, and public drunkenness. 

The incident occurred on July 26 at 2602 Paces Place NW in Atlanta, according to an arrest warrant issued by the Cobb County Police Department. 

Police say that the officer involved in the incident sustained visible marks around his neck, along with lacerations on his right arm and head. 

While being strangled, the officer experienced difficulty breathing and began to lose consciousness. He managed to break free from the hold before losing consciousness entirely.

Prior to the assault, Haggard was involved in a loud verbal argument outside his apartment on the sidewalk of the apartment complex. 

The officer, stationed 100 yards away, was able to hear the altercation due to its intensity. Moreover, the arresting officers detected the smell of alcohol on Haggard’s breath, and he exhibited slurred speech and used profanity during the argument.

Jail records say Haggard is currently held without bond at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.


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