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Cobb man pleads guilty in July Vinings targeted shooting


District Attorney Flynn Broady’s office announced that Javan Isles has received a five-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to shooting at a man and his family at a Vinings apartment complex in July. In addition to his five-year prison sentence, Superior Court Judge Sonja Brown gave Isles seven years on probation.

Isles, 22, was originally charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm while committing a felony stemming from a July 5 incident in which he shot at another person. 

The victim in the incident described to police a black SUV that shot at him. Though he was not injured, the victim told police it was the second time he had been targeted that day by someone shooting at him. Investigators identified the vehicle and stopped it the next day A shell casing was found and Isles was identified as the driver during the shooting.When arrested, Isles told police that on the same day of the incident his brother, a gang affiliate, had been shot at. Isles then sought out the victim. Seeing what he believed to be a long object in the victim’s hand, Isles admitted that he shot at him. 

The DA’s office said, “It was later determined after a review of video footage that the victim was not armed during the incident.” Judge Brown said, “As bad as this is, the thought that this could have been worse is frightening,”


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