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Cobb Elections Board disqualifies GOP commission candidate, Cupid’s self-serving ‘Home Rule’ map to blame 


The disqualification of Alicia Adams, a Republican candidate for the District 2 seat on the Cobb Board of Commissioners, has brought further attention to the confusion surrounding boundary lines in Cobb County, exacerbated by Chair Lisa Cupid’s self-serving “Home Rule” map.

Adams was disqualified from the May 21 ballot by a 4-1 vote from the Cobb Board of Elections, following a challenge from East Cobb resident Mindy Seger. The challenge contended that Adams did not reside within District 2, as indicated by Chair Cupid’s Home Rule map approved by commission Democrats, rather than the maps approved by the Georgia legislature.

The dispute stems from a legal challenge over the boundary lines, with a recent ruling by Cobb Superior Court Judge Ann Harris deeming the Home Rule maps unconstitutional. Despite this, the county is appealing the decision, and the Elections Board, comprised of members who Cupid appointed, opted to follow Cupid’s Home Rule maps for the time being.

Adams’ attorney, Chuck Boring, argued that Adams qualified according to a map deemed lawful by Judge Harris and the Georgia Attorney General’s office. However, the Elections Board voted to disqualify Adams based on the Home Rule maps.

Their decision leaves Pam Reardon as the sole Republican candidate for the District 2 seat, competing against five Democratic candidates. They include Taniesha Whorton, Will Costa, Kevin Redmon, former Cobb school board member Jaha Howard, and former State Rep. Erick Allen (who drew the Home Rule map).

During qualifying, other potential candidates, including former Marietta City Council member Reggie Copeland and resident Don Barth, attempted to qualify as Democrats in District 2 but were turned away due to not living within the Home Rule map boundaries. They reside in the state-drawn map approved by Gov. Brian Kemp.

Cobb GOP chair Salleigh Grubbs criticized the entire process, labeling it as “a hot mess express,” further highlighting the complexity and confusion surrounding the electoral process in Cobb County.


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