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Cobb County Uber driver charged with sexual battery of woman he drove home from the hospital


A woman has alleged that former Uber driver Serigne Diop sexually assaulted her after picking her up at a Cobb County hospital.

The woman said she ordered an Uber to take her home from the hospital following foot surgery. Once she arrived home, she fell on the way inside. Her driver helped her up and took her inside, but once he was in her home she was unable to get him to leave.

“I thought he was being very kind,” She said. “You know, I just had foot surgery. I couldn’t hardly walk. I was having trouble getting upstairs with my crutches. I actually fell and he came and just swooped me up and took me into the house.”

The victim said Diop began rubbing her shoulders, placed his hands down her shirt and pants, and even tried to kiss her. She was finally able to get Diop to leave, but realized later that he had taken her phone and accessed her financial apps. He stole thousands of dollars and made several attempts to take more. 

In addition to charges of sexual battery, police charged Diop with theft and fraud. The victim has expressed concerns regarding the progress of her case that dates back to 2021.  Charged in January 2022, Diop was arraigned later in the year, but he failed to show up to his court date. He has been rearrested and is in custody for failure to appear. Court records reflect that Diop told a judge he wasn’t aware of the arraignment hearing because his apartment number wasn’t listed on the document that was sent through the mail, so he was unable to receive a notification.

The victim said she was told by Uber that they fired Diop after the incident. She is frustrated and says she now suffers from PTSD because of the delay in prosecuting Diop. Diop’s attorney, Sadeer Sabbak, Esq., released a statement saying, “Mr. Diop has pleaded not guilty to all the allegations in the indictment.

The case is expected back in court in February, 2023.


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