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Cobb County to Present Proposed $1.35 Billion Budget for 2025


The Cobb County government is set to unveil its proposed $1.35 billion budget for 2025 on Tuesday, representing a $150 million increase from the fiscal year 2024 budget.

Bill Volckmann, the county’s chief financial officer, will present the budget to the Cobb Board of Commissioners during a work session at 1:30 p.m. in the commission room at 100 Cherokee St. The adoption of the budget is scheduled for the board’s 7 p.m. meeting at the same location on Tuesday.

Under the leadership of Chair Lisa Cupid, the county has faced criticism for increased spending and taxes. Cupid has indicated that a rollback in the millage rate will not occur, which has sparked anger among many residents. Since Cupid became Chair, the budget and taxes have consistently increased, leaving taxpayers without relief.

The proposed budget of $1.35 billion includes requests from county department heads for funding 382 new positions. In contrast, for the 2023 budget, staff requested 658 positions, with 147 ultimately included in the final budget. The 2024 budget funded 34 new positions.

Citizen groups have raised concerns about the rising taxes under Cupid’s leadership. These groups are encouraging residents to attend both meetings on Tuesday and to hold elected leaders accountable for wasteful and reckless spending.

As an election year looms, citizens are organizing and coming together as they emphasize the importance of remembering the actions of their elected representatives. They point to the increased reckless spending under Cupid and urge fellow voters to consider who has taken care of the community’s wellbeing and who has not when entering the voting booth in November.


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