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Cobb County stepfather convicted again for fatally stabbing stepson


Previously convicted of stabbing his stepson to death, Aaron Edward Strong, 74, was found guilty, for the second time. 

Strong was charged with felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of possession of a knife during the commission of a felony in the August 2015 attack of his stepson, 31-year-old Maurice Arnold.

Strong was originally convicted in 2017 of Arnold’s death, and sentenced to life in prison. After filing an appeal of his conviction, Strong was granted a new trial on June 29, 2020, due to technicalities with the original charges and prosecution.

In describing the attack, the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office said Strong shared a home with his wife, Arnold, and his 22- year-old step-grandson. Upon returning home, Strong became upset about the dirty dishes in the sink.

A verbal altercation ensued between the men. During that time, a friend of the family stopped by the house and attempted to diffuse the situation by advising Arnold and the step-grandson to leave. As Arnold and his son were retrieving items, Strong pushed Arnold and began stabbing him with a hunting knife. Arnold later died from his injuries. Arnold’s son tried to intervene during the attack on Arnold but was also stabbed by Strong. Strong was arrested after police arrived and spoke to witnesses. 

During the second trial, Arnold’s mother testified about her relationship with Strong and his son testified about his injuries. Now 74, Strong was convicted for the second time on the charges, including Arnold’s murder and the injuries to his son.


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