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Cobb County Solicitor Arrested for DUI


As Solicitor General for Cobb County since 1998, Barry Morgan’s job has been to prosecute traffic, misdemeanor, and ordinance violation cases in Cobb County, including driving under the influence cases (DUIs). This week, Morgan found himself on the opposite end of law enforcement as he was arrested and charged with violating one of the very laws he is charged with prosecuting, driving under the influence.

A Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled Morgan over in his red Chevrolet Corvette near Highway 140 (near Canton) after seeing that the car he was driving was failing to maintain its lane. Once stopped, officers noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Morgan, who confirmed that he had been drinking. After showing signs of impairment in his sobriety tests, Morgan was arrested and taken to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. He was released the following morning upon paying a $2,211.00 bond. He was charged with driving under the influence and weaving over the roadway.

Don Geary, Morgan’s attorney, issued the following statement:

“Like many others, Thursday night I used poor judgment and made a terrible choice to get behind the wheel of my car after having alcohol. A Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputy did his job and arrested me. The women and men of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office were courteous, kind, and respectful to me at all times. I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions and will accept the consequences as soon as a special prosecutor is appointed. I am disappointed and saddened by my actions and apologize to the citizens of Cobb and Cherokee counties.”

It was only a few short weeks ago that SPOTLIGHT shared Morgan’s announcement that he will not seek re-election as Cobb Solicitor when his term ends. Many wonder how this arrest will impact the remainder of his time in office.

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