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Cobb County School District names Patria Brown Adult Education Student of the Year


Patria Brown’s journey is one of remarkable resilience and determination. Due to having been born with one leg and a congenital defect, she had already undergone 19 surgeries before she could turn 10. Despite her early challenges, she found solace in books and education, becoming first chair in the school orchestra by sixth grade and harboring dreams of becoming a lawyer. However, life took unexpected turns, leading her to become a young mother. Her education ended before she could reach the tenth grade and so did her educational aspirations. 

Though she temporarily set aside her dreams, Brown remained steadfast in ensuring her children valued education with five graduating from high school and one from college. Yet, harboring a sense of inadequacy for not completing her own schooling, she kept her desire to return to education a secret. However, her determination never wavered, and by 2022, she took the courageous step to enroll in adult education classes.

Brown’s journey culminated in June 2023 when she proudly walked across the stage, earning her GED after months of diligent effort. Her triumph didn’t stop there. In 2024, she was honored as the Adult Education Student of the Year by the Technical College System of Georgia, receiving a full scholarship to pursue further education. Additionally, she was named the Georgia Dinah Culbreath Wayne EAGLE ambassador for adult education, a testament to her inspiring story.

Through her perseverance, Brown not only achieved her educational goals but also found the courage to pursue her passions, including wheelchair basketball and aspiring to become a real estate broker. Her message of resilience and determination serves as an inspiration to all, proving that with dedication and unwavering belief in oneself, any obstacle can be overcome.


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