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Cobb County man receives life sentence for child molestation


After being convicted of repeatedly molesting a 10-year-old girl, a Cobb County man has received a life sentence. The Cobb District Attorney’s office said Marco Flores (aka Marco Bucio), 47, was found guilty in January of felony counts of child molestation and rape. 

Superior Court Judge Vic Reynolds sentenced Flores to life without parole, plus 19 years, along with a year on probation. Flores’ arrest stemmed from May 2020, when the victim (now 10 years old) reported Flores molested her at her grandmother’s house. Investigators later found it was not an isolated incident.

The victim, her mother, and her grandmother testified in a trial that began on Jan. 23, per the DA’s office, and a jury returned a guilty verdict on Jan. 26. Flores was found to have repeatedly molested the victim for as long as two years.

In sentencing Flores, Judge Reynolds said,“When you take an innocent child and you take away from that child not only her innocence but the choices that she can make in the future about her body and her life, and you make those for her, particularly at a tender age, the court, other than taking a life, cannot fathom anything more egregious. There has to be a severe price paid for those actions, and today it will be paid.” 


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