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Cobb Commissioner seeks intervention from State Election Board on Cupid’s Home Rule Map


Cobb County Board of Commissioner Keli Gambrill is urging the state of Georgia’s Election Board to take action against the Cobb Board of Elections for its use of the “home rule” map, for the Cobb Board of Commissioners electoral districts instead of the map approved by the Georgia General Assembly in 2022.

The home rule map was created by the three Democrats on the county commission, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid and commissioners Jerica Richardson and Monique Sheffield, who implemented the home rule map in a resolution at the end of 2022 in an effort to retain Richardson’s position, which left her drawn out of her district.

The home rule map, which has become known as the Cupid map, was struck down by Cobb Superior Court Judge Ann Harris. In her ruling in January, Judge Harris found the home rule resolution unconstitutional. The county appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of Georgia, which is set to hear the case on April 17.

Despite the judges’ ruling, Cupid remains stubborn on the issue, asserting that the home rule map remains the operative one for the county. The Cobb Board of Elections, which was appointed by Cupid and others, has confirmed it is adhering to the home rule map, including for candidate qualification, until the high court rules on the appeal.

In her complaint to the state board, Gambrill alleges that the Cobb Elections Board violated Georgia law by employing the home rule map during candidate qualification for three commission races earlier this month.

Cupid’s home rule map differed from the one passed by state lawmakers and signed by Gov. Brian Kemp in early 2022. 

In her complaint, Gambrill cites numerous state laws in arguing that the elections board unlawfully favored the home rule map over the state-approved one. She contends that the board overstepped its authority by following the county commission’s map rather than the legally sanctioned one. 

One of Gambrill’s primary claims is that the board violated the law by not holding a vote to adopt the home rule map by majority rule. White disagrees, asserting that there was no necessity for such a vote as the board was implementing the map prescribed by law.

Cupid’s home rule map and the chaos it has created has caused several citizens to be disqualified or blocked from running for the Cobb County District 2 Commission seat being vacated by Richardson due to claims of residency issues per the home rule map. Those negatively impacted include Republican candidate Alicia Adams, who was removed last week from the District 2 race by the Elections Board. Adams is appealing the decision to disqualify her to the Cobb Superior Court.

Attempts by former Marietta City Councilman Reggie Copeland and Marietta resident Dan Barth to qualify for the Commission 2 race were blocked based on Cupid’s Home Rule map being used by the Elections Board to qualify candidates. Upon examination, both Copeland and Barth legally reside within District 2, according to the map passed in 2022 by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp. He does not reside in Cupid’s Home Rule map. 

The State Election Board has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the matter. 

Attorney Daniel White, who represents the Cobb Board of Elections, claims the board’s actions were lawful and within its jurisdiction.


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