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Clark Atlanta receives digital education grant


California firm EON Reality has given $11.8M to Clark Atlanta University to train its faculty and students at the historically Black university in digital information.

CAU made the announcement last week that it has received one of its largest private grants ever to educate students for careers in the augmented and virtual reality industries. 

EON Reality founder Dan Lejerskar said in a statement, “When a university with their commitment to social justice and deep focus on digital learning can utilize and add to the Knowledge Metaverse, the possibilities for reshaping our society are endless,”  

Clark Atlanta University President George T. French Jr. said in a statement that the grant is one of several ongoing partnerships to “support our efforts to step into the future of interactive teaching and learning through relevant and future-focused innovations.” 

Research shows that when it comes to technology companies, Black workers are underrepresented. 

Several large tech companies have sought partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities to train students for careers within their business or within the industry. 


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