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City of Powder Springs seeks survey input


The City of Powder Springs is seeking comments on an online Powder Springs survey to improve the quality of life in Powder Springs. The survey takes only a few minutes. 

The information provided will be used to assess overall quality of life in Powder Springs and help determine strategic priorities. Survey responses will be used in determining appropriate changes to the city’s programs and projects or development of new ones. Comments are requested of the city’s citizens and business owners for the 10-question survey.

Ratings are sought on the quality of life and quality of the city’s services. 

Evaluation also is asked on:

  • Accessibility and affordability of housing.
  • Accessibility to living-wage jobs.
  • Sense of safety.
  • Access to and availability of local events and amenities.
  • Ease of commuting.
  • Sense of community.
  • Accessibility and quality of education.
  • Resident engagement within the community.
  • Openness and acceptance towards people of diverse backgrounds.
  • The overall appearance of the city.

Other survey questions concern the frequency of visits to city parks or trails and to events or functions at Thurman Springs Park/Hardy Automotive Amphitheater.

City officials also want to know “the most pressing issue that citizens and businesses would like Powder Springs to tackle today.”

Click on this link to take the survey:



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