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Candidates line up for open Judge seats in Cobb


Candidates have thrown their names in the ring for consideration for two open judge positions in Superior and State Courts in Cobb County.

Governor Brian Kemp’s Judicial Nominating Commission, comprised of 20 attorneys from around the state, will begin interviewing candidates later this month.

The open position in Superior Court is a result of an expansion of the courts by the General Assembly, while the State Court position is a result of the retirement of State Court Judge David Darden.

Currently, Cobb’s State Court has 12 judges on its bench, while Cobb’s Superior Court will increase its numbers to 11 at the start of 2022, after the new judge is selected. The Judicial Nominating Commission co-chair, Vincent Russo, said the commission will interview candidates and send Kemp a short list of names to select from.

A list of candidates for Superior Court and State Court was published by the Fulton Daily Report:

Finalists for Superior Court

  • Paul Arena-Camarillo
  • Julie Adams Jacobs
  • Janné McKamey
  • Grady Moore
  • Ashley Palmer
  • Theresa Schiefer
  • Judge Henry Thompson
  • Mark Wortham

Finalists for State Court

  • Joe Atkins
  • Judge Eric Brewton, currently in the State Court’s traffic division
  • Courtney Brubaker
  • Owen Farist
  • Austin Gills
  • Katherine “Trena” Griffiths
  • Luke Lantta
  • Carlos Viela
  • Jaret Usher

If State Court Judge Henry Thompson is appointed to the Superior Court, his appointment will create another open position on the State Court for Gov. Kemp to fill.



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