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Candidate Spotlight: Carole Melton, Candidate for Cobb County Superior Court Clerk


Spotlight is continuing its voter education and advocacy during this election cycle by highlighting candidates running for various offices in Cobb County. Today’s Spotlight is on Carole Melton, candidate for Cobb County Superior Court Clerk.

Carole hails from Washington, D.C., but has made Cobb County her home since 1979. She’s a mother of two sons, both graduates of Wheeler High School, with one serving as a middle school band director in Fulton County and the other as a practicing attorney in Atlanta and a former Chief Justice of the Georgia State Supreme Court.

A graduate of Howard University, Carole has used her education to leverage her professional career around customer service. She has been a member of the Cobb County courthouse family since 2015, fulfilling various support roles for Judge Rob Leonard, other judges, and other court personnel.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Carole Melton is actively involved in community service, serving on the Cobb County Sexual Assault Response Protocol Committee as a citizen designee.

Beyond work and community engagement, Carole finds joy in activities such as exercising, spending quality time with loved ones, and exploring the world through travel. She’s also a published author, having penned the book “Pocket Power: A Handbook of Affirmations.”

To delve deeper into Carole’s candidacy and learn more about her platform, you can visit her website at electcarolemelton.com

In the race for the next Clerk of Superior Court in Cobb County, there are multiple candidates representing different backgrounds, experiences, and visions for the role. The candidates include Democrats Brunessa Drayton, Carole Melton, and Nick Simpson, as well as Republican Deborah Dance. Incumbent Connie Taylor is also running for reelection.

Voters are encouraged to evaluate the platforms and qualifications of each candidate to make an informed decision on Election Day.


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