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Bill to benefit vets, sponsored by South Cobb’s Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett


A bill, sponsored by South Cobb’s Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett, to benefit veterans, was signed into law last week by Gov. Brian Kemp. The bill was among several that benefited members of the military, military retirees, and their spouses. 

Senate Bill 87, the “Senator Jack Hill Veterans’ Act,” sponsored by Rhett, the Democrat Senator from District 39, and backed by both chambers of the General Assembly, allows Georgians to dedicate their tax refunds to support veterans. With the bill becoming law, an option will be added to tax return forms for Georgians to donate any amount of their state refund to the Technical College System of Georgia Foundation. The restricted funds will be used to support scholarships for veterans with disabilities stemming from their service in the armed forces.

Rhett, who is also a veteran, retired from the Air Force as a master sergeant, said he named the bill after the late state Sen. Jack Hill, R-Reidsville, himself a veteran, as he and Hill had worked together on the bill prior to Hill’s sudden death in 2020.

Upon the bill being signed, Rhett said, “There’s an old phrase that says old soldiers fade away. I say they don’t necessarily fade away, they continue to find a way to serve our community and country. With this bill, Jack Hill will be able to continue to serve the community and country every time we help a disabled veteran attend a Georgia technical college.”

Rhett has represented the South Cobb community in Senator District 39 since 2015. He serves on several key committees at the General Assembly including Finance, Senate Judiciary, Reapportionment and Redistricting, Regulated Industries and Utilities, and Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security. 

Rhett is well known for his ability to work bipartisanly on issues impacting Georgians at the Capitol as well as his work in the South Cobb community.  Rhett has sponsored a number of other bills that are on the Governor’s desk awaiting signature. 

Rhett is running for re-election to the Senate in the Georgia Primary, scheduled for May 24, 2022. 


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