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Barrage of concerning revelations surrounding Herschel Walker leaves Republicans trying to figure out who they nominated


Georgia Agriculture Secretary Gary Black was among the Republican contenders during the GOP primary election who assailed Herschel Walker for his failure to debate Black and other highly qualified candidates seeking to be the party’s nominee. 

Black often showed his frustration with his rival Walker’s posturing, labeling him as untested. Black led the pack in pointing to Walker’s unknowns that would make him unelectable if someone pulled back the curtains. For his part, Walker dodged the complaints as he skillfully limited his public appearances, like a surgeon, and managed to avoid his rivals at all costs. This allowed him to slide into becoming the nominee without a sweat. 

No one listened to Black at the time or heeded his calls, but recent revelations are showing that Black’s concerns were warranted and not too far off the mark as everyone is now forced to take a second look at Walker.

The news of multiple children with multiple women may not make Walker unelectable in the eyes of his adoring fans, but it does make him – a father to multiple children whom he does not have a relationship with – a hypocrite in the Black community because of his stance and speeches to audiences on missing fathers. 

Holding himself out as the poster child for a “great father” Walker frequently criticized fathers in the Black community who had abandoned their children. In an interview, last month with Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, Walker said, “I tell people this, I say, ‘I want all African Americans out there to know, even though you may leave the mom, don’t leave the child. Continue to be a dad. Continue to be a strong figure in that child’s life.”

Media outlet, the Daily Beast, was one of the first to report that Walker had a 10-year-old son that he supports financially but does not see. This is in addition to the son he does acknowledge. 

According to court records obtained by the outlet, the child’s mother sued Walker in 2013, a year after giving birth, to obtain a declaration of paternity and child support. 

A day after the Daily Beast’ reporting, Walker confessed that he had two additional children whom he allegedly never mentioned before. Once news of his multiple children became known, Walker released a statement saying, I have four children. Three sons and a daughter. Walker went on to say they are not ‘undisclosed’ — they’re my kids.”  

Walker’s first child, a daughter, was born when he was a star running back at the University of Georgia. Walker also has a 13-year-old son. Sources say the only child Walker acknowledged or spoke about publicly was his 22-year-old son, Christian, who was born during Walker’s first marriage to Cindy Grossman. Walker claims that he “just chose not to use (the other children) as props to win a political campaign,”

Multiple children with multiple moms are complicating enough, but critics are also pointing to other Walker issues such as his history of mental illness, and his threats of violence against women including multiple police reports that cite Walker threatening in 2012 to kill an ex-girlfriend and then himself, his falsehoods about graduating from college when he had not, exaggerated business records, and bizarre statements he made while promoting a purported coronavirus cure. 

What is also mind-boggling is Walker’s repeated claims that he worked in law enforcement when he had not. A different news outlet reported that in the past, Walker told different audiences about a career in law enforcement that never existed. During a motivational speech at an Army base in 2019, Walker said, “I spent time at Quantico at the FBI training school. Y’all didn’t know I was an agent?” 

Pundits are quick to point out that Walker is supported by former President Donald Trump, who is the poster child for some of the very ills that plague Walker’s life. We can all recall that as Trump ran for the Presidency in 2016 there were revelations daily about his outrageous and offensive comments and falsehoods. 

Trump’s bragging about assaulting women by grabbing them by their private parts should have been enough to send voters, female and male, in the opposite direction, but it did not. 

Walker’s rival, Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock, who co-parents children with his ex-wife Ndoye, has also been in the news regarding his children but for different reasons. His ex is suing for more child support,

after Warnock’s income increased, and additional custody of their two children out of state so she can complete a program at Harvard University. 

As the two men battle each other over the next few months, voters should buckle up for a bumpy ride to November. Some we spoke with say Black is surely sitting back saying to anyone who will listen, “I told you so.”


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