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Austell Police Department, Advance Auto Parts partner to give drivers cash for repairs


Austell Police Chief Scott Hamilton and members of the Austell Police Department met with officials at Advance Auto Parts recently to announce a partnership to help drivers pay for vehicle repairs and avoid citations.

Under the partnership, the city will pay drivers to be safer on the road by giving officers responsible for traffic citations $500 worth of gift cards from the auto shop. Motorists pulled over in Austell for faulty tail lights, broken rearview mirrors or other damage to their cars could now get a gift card instead of a ticket. The gift cards would be offered instead of  a ticket, to assist them with repairs and assist with compliance of the law.

While announcing the collaboration, vice president of operations for the southeast, Mark Strenta was on hand and said this is the company’s first partnership with any Cobb city, and the first to happen in one west of Atlanta. The company already has similar partnerships with Sandy Springs and Lilburn. Strenta added that the company’s goal is to ensure driver safety is helped by partnerships like the one with Austell. “We want to make sure we’re able to give back and keep people on the road,” Strenta said.

Police Chief Hamilton wants to shift the culture at the Austell Police Department toward more community-oriented engagement, and the collaboration with Advance Auto Parts is just the start. 

Hamilton said, “One of the things me and my staff want to do is…not only do we want to fight crime and make the citizens of Austell feel safe, but we also want them to feel like we can be approachable.” He believes the new program with Advance Auto will assist in that effort.

Next on Hamilton’s agenda is the establishment of the Austell Police Foundation, which will help support both residents of the city and members of the police force in need of financial support.


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