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Austell man accused of impersonating a police officer


A tattooed Austell man, Jared Spencer, is accused of impersonating a police officer while trespassing at a west Cobb home. 

According to his arrest warrant, Spencer entered the property of Frank Abrams on Lost Mountain Road on Wednesday, Aug. 10, despite a sign at the gate that reads “private property no trespassing.” 

When confronted, Spencer identified himself to Abrams as a real estate agent, looking to buy the property. Abrams asked him to leave. Spencer then told Abrams that he was a Cobb County police officer and made multiple threats to shoot Abrams. Police arrived on the scene and confronted Spencer who repeated the story that he was a real estate agent. He could not produce a license or any other proof requested by the officers. 

Police attempted to get Spencer to exit his vehicle, but he refused so officers forcibly removed him from his car, according to the warrant. Spencer proceeded to once again identify himself as an officer, stating he was in training and had not received a badge up to that point, according to the warrant. 

Spotting the tattoos across his neck, officers knew something was wrong with his story and conducted a criminal search. It revealed that Spencer was a convicted felon on probation for aggravated assault. He was arrested and charged with one count of impersonating a public officer or employee, one count of criminal trespass, one count of willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and one count of loitering. Spencer was released from the Cobb County jail on Sunday on a $10,000 bond.


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