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Are you a Facebook user? You could get some settlement cash


You may be entitled to a share of a $725 million privacy settlement that Facebook parent company Meta has agreed to pay. Anyone in the U.S. who has had a Facebook account at any time since May 24, 2007, can now apply for their share of the settlement. Facebook boasts more than 2 billion users worldwide, including an estimated 250 million in the U.S. It’s not clear how much money individual users will receive. The larger the number of people submitting valid claims, the smaller each payment will be since the money has to be divided among them.

Meta is paying to settle a lawsuit alleging the world’s largest social media platform allowed millions of its users’ personal information to be fed to Cambridge Analytica. That’s a firm that supported Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

To apply for the settlement, users can fill out a form and submit it online or print it out and mail it. To apply for the settlement, users can fill out a form and submit it online, or print it out and mail it. The deadline for submitting this Claim Form is August 25, 2023, at 11:59 PM, PT.

The lawsuit was a result of the revelation that Cambridge Analytica, a firm with ties to Trump political strategist Steve Bannon, had paid a Facebook app developer for access to the personal information of about 87 million users of the platform. That data was then used to target U.S. voters during the 2016 campaign that culminated in Trump’s election as the 45th president.

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