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Amidst Six Flags chaos; Mableton Mayor Owens calls for public safety changes 


Mableton Mayor Michael Owens is responding proactively to the recent incident during the opening day at Six Flags Over Georgia, where chaos ensued as shots were fired outside the park and a teenager, initially a shooting victim, is now a suspect.

Expressing disappointment over the incident, Mayor Owens has announced plans to host public safety meetings to discuss existing safety protocols and procedures and explore innovative approaches to enhance security at the amusement park.

The incident involved a large crowd allegedly fighting inside the park, spilling into an altercation outside. Gunfire erupted, leading to a chaotic scene with park visitors running in panic. Cobb County police responded, and an exchange of gunfire occurred with suspects outside the park. A 15-year-old, Syere Littlefield of College Park, was struck and is now facing several charges, including aggravated assault.

Mayor Owens has called for a series of meetings with public safety and community leaders, involving key figures such as Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens, Cobb County Public Safety Director Michael Register, and Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer. Invitations have also been extended to David Zellner, President of Six Flags, to participate in these crucial discussions.

Mayor Owens sees this incident as a catalyst for increased safety measures and public discussions to address concerns and prevent similar incidents in the future. The aftermath has prompted local authorities to reassess and enhance security protocols at Six Flags.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and Six Flags management, Mayor Owens stated, “The safety and security of our residents and visitors are paramount.” He intends to prompt public safety leaders to discuss current safety protocols and procedures and explore innovative approaches to enhance security in and around the Six Flags area. Mayor Owens stressed the urgency of the situation and expressed a shared goal among community leaders to create a safer environment.

Mayor Owens’ response and leadership on this issue underscores a collective responsibility to prioritize public safety to address emerging challenges to safeguard the welfare of individuals visiting Six Flags and its surrounding areas.


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