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After 6 months on the job Cupid receives strong F’s on South Cobb Community Report Card


While our community and our quality of life continues to suffer because of bad and questionable decisions being made at the local government level, SPOTLIGHT is leading the efforts for South Cobb to hold elected officials accountable with the Community Report Card. We are all familiar with report cards and what they represent. Sometimes the news on it can signal a time to celebrate or a time to stop and course correct. Our objective is to highlight the issues and take that straight to the people of our community. 

Regardless of our connection to South Cobb, we all stand united by a common purpose: to improve conditions for South Cobb and hold county government accountable. We are issuing a six-month Report Card on Cobb Chair Lisa Cupid. 

Many remember Cupid as the lone Democrat on the commission for 8 years who often complained that she could not get anything done in South Cobb because she was only one vote. Since becoming chair and having three votes in her front pocket (which she often brags about) Cupid continues the sad narrative of doing nothing for South Cobb. 

This report card is the first, but many more will follow, as we put our community first and demand that Cupid and those elected to make decisions on our behalf live up to those responsibilities. We see decisions being made each day and votes being cast that are not in the best interest of South Cobb. We will no longer be silent as we see the pay-to-play politics that occur in other metro Atlanta communities play out here. 

Cupid’s continued record of nothingness is most evident in the ongoing hole in the ground called Magnolia Crossing. The proverbial “cherry” will be placed on the top of her disregard for South Cobb as she votes soon to turn land that was originally designated for a community center Cobb into expensive apartments, at the behest of her favorite attorney, Garvis Sams. Can you say regentrification boys and girls? 

If you have been in the community center off Six Flags Drive over the years, you can attest to the fact that we need a new facility here. The Lions Club is another facility that has seen better days. But after 8 years on the commission and 6 months as chair, we have no leadership from Cupid on this important issue or any others for South Cobb.

Cobb and our community will continue to suffer with Cupid voting affirmatively to turn this property into something other than a community center, which will benefit the community, seniors, and children. The matter passed the planning commission after Galt Porter existed and was replaced by someone who does not live in South Cobb and does not have our best interest at heart. 

Our community will no longer remain silent on issues that impact us and we will no longer accept the promises of next time when it comes to things occurring in our community that impacts our quality of life. Some of us are worried about affordable housing, while others are worried about transportation. Many remain concerned about good economic development coming to the area, while others call for job creation. Whatever your issue, it requires you to be involved in our community and it requires you to use your voice. 

Our community report card has pointed to a number of failings on the part of Cupid, but below is a list of other issues to pay attention to as we move forward: 

  1. Progress – or lack of progress – toward our community goals.
  2. How SPLOST dollars are being allocated and spent in South Cobb. 
  3. Voting patterns on items before the Commission with Garvis Sams’ name on it or others that are showing up on Cupid’s disclosure reports.
  4. Cupid’s vote on Dobbins that has placed the base in jeopardy. 
  5.  Transportation promises that have never materialized. 
  6. Failed management of Cobb’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan, and failure to act on transportation opportunity that was being proposed to get the I-285 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to operate in the future express lanes on I-285 to come down I-20 and connect to the Holmes MARTA Station for the benefit of South Cobb citizens.
  7. Persons that do not reside in South Cobb being placed on boards and commissions to represent South Cobb. 
  8. Outside groups being brought in by Cupid, given opportunities, and provided funding, while the groups here that have been doing the work in South Cobb are ignored instead of treated as partners. 
  9. Taxpayer dollars being spent to preserve Cupid’s fascination with the civil war as others, including Stone Mountain, are taking down monuments and removing names that represent hateful history.
  10. Affordable housing that will allow underserved members of our community and their families to move away from housing insecurity and into home ownership. 

As we move forward, we must find ways to express our concerns individually and collectively to Cupid to prompt positive action toward solving some of these issues. We can no longer rely on or trust others to speak for us. We must remind Cupid that we are concerned about our community and we must remain vigilant on issues that impact us. If you are not involved, get involved. If you do not watch or attend commission meetings, make plans to do so today. 

One thing for sure, SPOTLIGHT will continue to make sure the citizens of South Cobb are awake and remain awake with information that impacts our lives. 

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