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Abrams’ Fair Fight ad campaign slams Georgia’s voting restrictions


This week saw the launch of a seven-figure statewide ad campaign by Stacey Abrams and her voting rights group, Fair Fight, to promote an expansive federal elections measure and attack Georgia Republicans who adopted a state law that includes new obstacles to the ballot box. Narrated by Abrams, the ad campaign urges supporters to “demand your state legislator put Georgians first by fully expanding Medicaid now.”

This has been an area for a prime attack against Republicans who have claimed Medicaid is too costly and too inflexible. Georgia has refused to expand Medicaid to poor citizens, leaving most without healthcare who would be eligible in 38 other states in the country and the District of Columbia for the coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Even with new financial incentives offered by President Joe Biden’s administration, Georgia leaders continue to deny this service for those who need it in the state.

In the ad, which is running on TV and the radio, Abrams says, “Instead of prioritizing COVID relief and fully expanding Medicaid, our lawmakers were busy taking away our freedom to vote.” A digital ad offers a warning to Georgians that “our freedom to vote is at stake” while underscoring the need for a federal overhaul of election rules known as the “For the People Act”. With the legislation stuck in Washington, Abrams said, “Congress can pass legislation right now to protect access to the ballot and ensure our voices are heard regardless of race or party.”

Voters will recall that Abrams launched Fair Fight in 2018 following her narrow loss in the governor’s race to Republican Brian Kemp. The governor does not support Medicaid expansion and signed legislation rewriting election laws that includes new ID requirements for absentee ballots, limits on ballot drop boxes and other restrictions. The new law has been criticized by Democrats and labeled Jim Crow 2.0.

Political watchers are awaiting an announcement from Abrams on her plans to take on Kemp again in 2022 for the top spot in Georgia. Abrams has not rested on her laurels but has been promoting Fair Fight around the country along with other priorities including expanding voting rights, improving access to healthcare and narrowing income inequality. She has also returned to writing, having published a new novel recently.

Critics are already trying to hurt Abrams even before she determines if she will enter the race against Kemp. In the meantime, Kemp is not feeling the love or a promise of his party’s support after the poor reception he received at the Republican state convention this weekend that included booing. They still blame Kemp and other republican leaders for Trumps’ loss of Georgia in the presidential race.

Following her U.S. Senate defeat, Kelly Loeffler took a page from Abram’s playbook and launched a conservative-aligned voting group to counter Fair Fight named “Greater Georgia” which she says will help Republicans recover from stunning Democratic victories in the state. Given Fair Fights’ salvo, we should expect a similar launch of republican ads to hit the airwaves soon.


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