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3 runaway juveniles who led police in car chase in Cumberland area arrested 


Three runaway juveniles are in custody after leading police on a car chase in a stolen vehicle in the Cumberland area of Cobb County. 

The car chase led to police pursuing the suspects on foot after they crashed and abandoned the vehicle. 

One of the pursuing officers was injured and hospitalized. The car chase started out as a brief vehicle pursuit and ended with all three suspects eventually taken into custody.

Information from a news release from Cobb police spokesperson Officer Aaron Wilson said that police were notified around 4 a.m. that the vehicle, which was reported stolen, was spotted on license plate reading cameras in the area of Bentley Road. The car also matched the description of a vehicle involved in several car break-ins in Marietta.

While searching the area, an officer spotted the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop, but the driver took off. Police chased the vehicle onto Windy Hill Road as it continued “recklessly to evade law enforcement.” 

Wilson went on to say, “The vehicle continued to the entrance of Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen on Windy Hill, where the driver lost control of the vehicle and wrecked. Three suspects fled from the vehicle on foot. One suspect dropped a gun while he was fleeing.” 

Officers chased the driver from the wreck and across Windy Hill Road, but lost sight near the Belmont Place apartments. The K-9 units were brought in and continued the search. The K-9 unit quickly located the driver hiding in the brush. Another officer spotted a second suspect as he jumped a bridge rail and ran down a hill. The officer deployed his stun gun, but it was ineffective. The suspect continued to flee. While in pursuit, the officer fell down a hill during the chase, cutting his hands and injuring a foot.  

Officers discovered three guns and later found the two suspects that had evaded police staying at a Country Hearth Inn and Suites off of Windy Hill Road. Before obtaining a search warrant for the room, police conducted surveillance for several hours. After they were unsuccessful in getting anyone to answer the door, the Violent Crime Bureau was called and the two suspects were taken into custody.

Cobb Police charged the three suspects, who were all listed as runaway juveniles, with stealing a vehicle. There is no information available on possible gun charges for the three. 


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